Inspection Standard of the Function Defect

Generally, the OEM smartphones need to be tested and inspected before they leave the Chinese OEM phone manufacturers’ factory. The tests include appearance inspections and function tests, which are used to make sure the OEM phones work normally. The basic inspection standard of function defect follow:

Defects Failure Description Failure Types
Critical Major Minor
Cannot charge Connect with charger, the phone does not display related charging status    
Brown out During the usage, the phone's power cuts off suddenly and cause no disply or no functions.    
Worng electric quantity The electric quantity showed as battery icon is obviously different from battery's actual electric quantity.    
Display charging when starting Display the phone is charging even when the phone does not connect with a charger    
Automatically start or power off The start/power off screen appears in the mobile phone even not press the switch button.     
Cannot start or power off No response when pressing the switch button.    
Screen shadow Obvious shadow in the screen.    
No function of the keys The keys(include side keys) has no functions.    
No sound of the keys The keys has no sound.(check if the option is seted to "No keys sound")    
No light of the keys The keys light does not work when pressing the keys.    
Worng functions of the keys The characters or functions showed in the display screen means difference from the keys actual meaning.    
With vertical line when starting and power-off Obvious vertical line shows in the screen when start and power off the mobile phone    
Lack of row Row cannot be shown in the screen    
Black screen when starting After starting the mobile phone, the screen is black.    
No display After starting the mobile phone, the screen shows nothing, but with back light.    
Disorder display The screen display (including Caller ID, message writing and reading,call records) is in disorder.    
Splash The screen display the splash    
Cannot adjust the contrast control There is no obvious change when adjusting the contrast control.    
discoloration point of LCD Obvious discoloration point appears in the screen display.    
Fuzzy display The screen dispalys fuzzy (It is non-effective to adjust contrast control.).    
Tilt and deviate display The screen display obviously tilts and deviates.    
Earphone icon showed when starting No effects on functions.    
The signal light/back light defect The signal light/back light of screen is dark, less back light, or the back light is even,etc.    
No lights of signal light and back light The signal light or the screen back light does not work.    
No ringing No ringing sound    
Ringing sound defect ringing sound is too low or abnormal    
No vibration No vibration when options is seted to vibration.    
Vibration incorrect  loud noise or weak vibration or off and on when vibrating.   √   
Automatic vibration Vibrate automatically when loading the battery but not strating the mobile phone.    
Time is incorrect or stops After setting the time and running, the time is showed incorrect or stops at that time.    
Time remains default After setting the time, power off and start, the time is back to status before setting.    
Receiver or Mic voice incorrect A loud current/noise/gear whine/distortion/make-and-break/sound big or low or too low when using Mic or receiver.   √   
Echo When talking, you can hear your own voice from the receiver.   √   
Receiver or Mic no voice When talking, your voice cannot send out (the other cannot hear your voice)/Receiver cannot receive the voice.    
Headset no functional After the headset connecting with handset, the headset non-functional.    
Hands-free no voice (with hands-free function) No voice receives from hands-free.    
Headset voice incorrect A loud current/noise/gear whine/distortion/make-and-break/sound big or low or too low when using headset.   √   
Language is automatically back to English After setting language to Chinese and power off, then restart the phone and the language is back to English automatically.    
Lost contacts Cannot find the contacts    
Lost messages After setting messages, cannot save the incoming calls or messages.    
Not download the software Not download the software in the mobile phone.    
Software version incorrect The downloaded software version is not same as requested.    
cannot download the software Cannot download the software in the mobile phone.    
Signals wavy Signal icon changes fast and disconnect often when talking.   √   
Lost connection Cannot connect with others when signal break off during the calls.    
No signal No signal shows from the signal icon and the phone cannot allow calling normally.    
Cannot support internet Cannot search the network and screen shows "No service".    
Emergency calls Cannot search the network and screen shows "Emergency calls".    
Automatic response Neither pressing any key nor setting to auto-answer mode, the mobile phone will automatically answer.    
Automatic dial The cell phone dial automatically when not dialing.    
Search During the test or use process, "search" phenomenon appears.    
The color of signal light abnormal The color of signal light appears incorrectly.   √   
Crash During operation,  scren is fixed in a interface with a sudden stop, and pressing any key (including the off button) is disabled.    
Cannot recognize the SIM card After inerting the SIM card and strating, the mobile phone still shows "Please insert the card" or "Wrong SIM card".    
Hot fuselage The fuselage of the mobile phone is hot.    
Abnormal screen when starting/power-off During the starting/power-off process, the screen is not displayed according to the fixed sequence or screen is incorrect.   √   
Hot battery The battery is obviously hot in the use process.